3 Very Easy Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog Today

To teach your pet dog techniques, even easy ones, you need to have some small reward like a treat. Be in a quiet area. Additionally, keep the training sessions to 10 – 15 mins or your dog will begin to get bored. Give praise and treats when your dog gets the tricks right, but beware not to get him too excited, or he will lose concentration.

Easy Dog Tricks to Teach Now

Getting your dog to offer you his paw

The first very easy dog trick is for your dog to offer his paw. To do this, command your dog to sit. As you say the word ‘paw,’ take your canine’s paw in your hand. Offer your dog a treat as you say it. Repeat this after a couple of times. Do not take his foot so rapidly—state the word, count to one, then take it. It would help if you observed he is bringing his paw up as you say the word. If he does not return to you stating it at the very same time, do it a few even more times after that reduce your reaction once more. After 2 or 3 sessions, most pets will do this rather happily.

The high 5

Like many techniques, the high 5 is developing an earlier design, which casts the paw technique. This is a very easy dog trick to learn. Hold a reward in your fingers and elevate your hand slightly higher than you would certainly for the paw method. Your dog will undoubtedly think you intend to do the paw trick and reach for the treat with his paw, as you taught previously. As he reaches up, you say “high 5” as well as provide him the pleasure. When your dog has learned the paw trick well, this becomes very simple to understand.

Getting your canine to jump through a hoop

Before you start this set, I would certainly like to ask you to hold the hoop relatively low. We do not want your dog hurt while doing this trick, right? Rest your pet on one side of a hula hoop, obtain the pet’s interest on your hand on the opposite side of the ring, take a reward in your hand and provide the pet dog the command to launch him from the rest. At first, he might attempt to walk around or under the hoop. If this happens to begin once again, your dog wants the treat and will indeed quickly find out that going around or under does not obtain it, so he will soon start experiencing it when he does state unrest and give him the treat. He will certainly quickly be leaping via the hoop on the command of buzz.

Those are three very easy dog tricks you can teach your dog! Tell us if you are successful in teaching these!